Meeting chair №5

Meeting chair №5
Dear colleagues!
On December 18, 2020 a meeting of the Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology will take place

1. On the results of the test session. (Teachers)
2. About readiness of qualifying works of masters (Supervisors)
3. About the organization of carrying out protection of qualifying works of masters (Head of department Semenyuk Yu.V.)
4. On preparation for undergraduate practice of undergraduate and research students
research practice of master’s students (Head of the department Semenyuk YV, Assoc. Prof. Zatserklyanny MM)
5. Postgraduate reports (Supervisors)
6. On the peculiarities of work in the period January-February 2021 (Head of the Department Semenyuk YV)
7. On the prevention of offenses during the implementation of educational
8. About observance of rules of fire safety and labor protection (Head of department Semenyuk Yu.V.)