Disciplines: “Ecology of the Odessa region and the Northwest Black Sea”, “Fundamentals of ecological culture / Fundamentals of ecological ethics”, “Emergency response, accidents and catastrophes”, “Western affairs”, “Environmental Chemistry”

Types and results of professional activity of a person by specialty,
which applies to the recognition of a qualification appropriate to the specialty
(level of scientific and professional activity of scientific and pedagogical worker)
for 2018 over the last 5 years

Metric Name Activity Level
1 the availability of scholarly publications in the periodicals included in the science databases recommended by the MES, including Scopus or the Web of Science Core Collection, for the last five years Sagdeeva O. A /, Krusir GV, Tsykalo AL Shpyrko TV, Leuenberger H / Composting of organic waste with the use of mineral additives. Food Sciences and Technology. 2018 Volume 12,. Issue 1, 2018, pp. 45-52.
(Web of Science Core Collection).
2 There are at least five scientific publications in the scientific publications included in the list of professional scientific publications of Ukraine 1. Kosmachova AM, Tsikalo AL To the problem of optimization of sanitary protection zones. Refrigeration and technology. 2014, No. 3, p. 64-68
2. Kosmachova AM, Tsykalo AL Purification of atmospheric air from heavy metals by indicator plants / Scientific Bulletin of the Mykolayiv State University named after VA Sukhomlinsky. Collection of scientific works. 6.3 (Biological Sciences Series). 2014, p. 41-44.
3. Kosmachova AM, Tsykalo AL, Smirnov VM The accumulation of heavy metals by plants as an indicator of the ecological state of a technogenically polluted environment. The Third European Earth Sciences Conference. 25 Aug. 2015. Section 4, pp. 35-42
4. Kosmachova A.M., Tsikalo A.L., Accumulation of heavy metals in wood species. Industrial and transport zones of Mykolaiv. Science and Education. A New Dimension. Natural and Technical Sciences, III (8), Issue 73, 2015, pp. 36-39
5. Tsykalo AL, Kosmachova AM, Smirnov VM Experimental study of heavy metals accumulation by plants and the prospects of using plants to prevent environmental pollution of urban areas. Refrigeration and technology. Volume 51, No. 6, 2015, pp. 78-82.
3 a published textbook or manual or monograph 1. Tsikalo AL, Chukhrii Yu. P., Grandov OO Chemistry with the basics of biogeochemistry. Tutorial. – Odessa: ONAKHT, 2016. – 212 p. (7.68 ..). Recommended for print by the ONACHT Scientific Council. Minutes No. 12 of July 1, 2016 (33% participation rate).
2. Tsykalo AL, Sagdeeva OA Causes, consequences and lessons of major chemical disasters. In the monograph “Methods for solving environmental problems”. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Sumy State. University. Amounts, 2015. p. 745-753.
3. Krusir G., Tsykalo A., Harkovich O. et al / Anaerobic treatment of wastewater from wineries. In the monograph “Water Security”. Bristol- Mykolaiv, UWE. Bristol, 2016, pp / 76-88.
4 Participation in international scientific projects, involvement in international expertise, the title of “International Category Judge” Participant in the Cleaner International Project production »UNIDO. Implementation of the project at GAMA-PROMIN, 2014. UNIDO certification 02/12/2015
5 having at least five copyright certificates and / or patents totaling two accomplishments 1. Utility Model Patent No. 128399 Ukraine. СО2F 7/00 Method of composting the organic portion of solid household waste. GV Cruiser, OA Sagdeeva, AL Tsykalo, IV Kovalenko, OL Garkovich; Owner: Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. – 201804987; Statement 07.05.2018 Bul. No. 17
2. Patent for utility model No. 128398 Ukraine. СО2F 7/00 Method of composting the organic portion of solid household waste. GV Cruiser, OA Sagdeeva, AL Tsikalo, MM Madani, IO Kuznetsova; Owner of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. – 201804983; Statement 07/05/2018; publ. 09/10/2018 Bul. 17.
6 availability of published teaching aids / tutorials for independent work of students and distance learning, lecture notes / workshops / guidelines / recommendations with a total of three titles 1. Tsikalo AL, Chukhri Yu. P. Human ecology. Methodical instructions for independent classes for students of correspondence form of study. Odessa: ONAKHT, 2016. – 36 p. (1, 64 printed sheets ..). 2. 2. Tsikalo AL, Chukhrii Yu. P. Fundamentals of ecological research. Lecture notes. Odessa: ONAKHT, 2018.- 90 p. (4.8 sheets) ..
7 leadership of the student who won the 1st place at the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad, or work on the organizing committee / jury of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad Guide to the Permanent Student Environmental Journalism Studio (2014-2018).
8 availability of at least five scientific and professional publications and / or advisory (and advisory) and / or discussion papers on scientific or professional topics Shamarin AE, Tsykalo AL About man-made emergencies, accidents and catastrophes of recent times. Emergencies and civil protection. No. 1 (22) 2014, p. 23-29.
Tsikalo AL On the problem of transboundary transfer of dangers. Argentina and Uruguay dispute. Ibid., P. 42-46.
Tsikalo AL Curriculum of the course “Resistance to emergencies, accidents and catastrophes”. Ibid., P. 47-49.
Ostashkova G. O., Tsikalo A. L., Chechilova E. J. Productive learning: its essence, opportunities and prospects. Ibid., P. 58-54.
Tsikalo AL The man who opened Ukraine for Europe. Ibid., P. 61-66.
9 Participation in professional associations by specialty Full member (academician) of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
Full member ( Academician) of the Academy of Environmental Sciences of Ukraine;
Full member (academician) of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety (MANEB);
Full member (academician) of the New York Academy of Sciences;
Scientific Coordinator of “Youth Environmental Center
them. VI Vernadsky »
10 5+ years of practical experience in the specialty 2 years
11 Scientific advice to institutions, enterprises, organizations for at least two years From 2014 to the present it has been providing scientific and scientific and technical free consultation of SCTB with the DV of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine