Assistant Professor

Disciplines : ” Drainage at Industrial Enterprises “, ” Landscape Architecture “, ” Landscape Ecology “, ” Fundamentals of Ecological Entrepreneurship “, ” Fundamentals of Chemical Technology “, ” Devices , Engineering and Automation of Environmental Research ” , ” Industrial ecology in the chemical industry “, ” Processes and apparatus of protection Environment , ” Thermal Engineering Measurements and Devices ,” ” Core Production Technology and Industrial Ecology ”

Lines and the results of the professional activities of persons by specialty ,

which applies to the recognition of a qualification appropriate to the specialty

(level of scientific and professional activity of scientific and pedagogical worker)

for 2018 over the past 5 years

No. Metric name Activity Level
1 issued presence of Mr idruchnyka or textbook or monograph Iron VP Thermotechnical Measurements and Instruments: p . Zheleznyi, V.Z. Geller, Yu.V. Semenyuk, SM Gubanov – Odessa: ONAKHT, 2018. – 321 p.

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. Minutes No. 6 of December 18, 2015

own contribution – 25%

2 issued availability teaching pos ibnykiv / guidelines for independent work of students and distance learning lectures / workshops / guidelines / recommendations of a total of three names 1.Gubanov SM Fundamentals of Metrology, Standardization and Certification : A Handbook for Practical Classes. – Odessa: ONAKHT, 2018 – 42 p.

2. Chukhriy YP, Gubanov SM, Shcherbakova VG Environmental chemistry: Methodical instructions for laboratory work. – Odessa: ONAKHT, 2018.-50s.

3. Zhelezny VP, Semeniuk YV, Gubanov SM, Ivchenko DO Environmental monitoring: Guidelines for laboratory work. – Odessa: ONAKHT, 2018. – 59 pp.

3 management student , who took the prize place at the I stage of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad , or work in a part of the organizing committee / jury All-Ukrainian Student Contest Management student , who took the prize place at the I stage of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on discipline ” Ecology “.

Conducted at the Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology on February 24 , 2015.

4 scientific advisory agencies claim idpryyemstv, organizations for at least two years Since 2016, has been providing scientific consulting on a free-of-charge basis during project development at Giproprom LLC

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