77 scientific conference of Scientifically-pedagogical composition of academy, on April, 18-21, 2016, Odesa

From April, 18 – 21 in 2017 in the Odesa national academy of food technologies took place 77 scientific conference of teachers of ОНАХТ
Within the framework of conference a scientific постерна session on that it was presented two постера from the teachers of department of теплофізики and applied ecology passed:

1. Thermodynamics properties of methane and tetrafluoromethane are on the line of melting.
проф. Якуб Л. М., century of викл. Бодюл О.С., доц. Чухрій Ю.П.

2. Experimental of investigation of thermal properties of isopropylalcohol/of AL2O3 of nanofluids by adiabatic calorimetry in the liquid and solid phases.
Shimchuk N.A., Ivchenko D.A., Motovoy I.V., Khliyeva O.Y.

Presented posters were the recipients of an award diploms of I and ІІІ degree.


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