76 scientific conference of Scientifically-pedagogical composition of academy, on April, 18-22, 2016, Odesa

O.Ya. Khlieva, V.P. Zhelezny, Yu.V. Semenyuk
“Ecological and energy analysis of the agro-industrial complex”

T.L. Lozovsky, S.S. Drevova, A.G. Nikulin, O.B. Tkachenko, V.P. Zhelezny
“The method of determining the sparkling properties of wine”

Geller V.Z.
“Prospects for implementation of new energy-saving technologies for Hydroprom enterprise”

Tsikalo A.L.
“Contemporary Ways to Increase Resource and Energy Saving – Towards Cleaner Production and Environmental Security. EU and UN Instruments”

Zerkirklyanny M.M.
“Improvement of environmental practices in bakeries”

Zerkirklyanny M.M.
“Integrated utilization of grain processing waste”

Yakub L.M.
“Thermodynamic properties of solid methane on sublimation and melting lines”